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What’s the Best Material For Front Door?

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Your front door is one of the most important aspects of your home’s appearance. As the portal to your home, it’s often the first thing people notice about your house, so it’s essential you make the right impression.

Nowadays, there are a number of options for your front door both in terms of the style and the material from which it’s made. But which is right for your home? Here are some of the important details about three of the more popular door materials to help you make this important decision. 

uPVC Doors 

uPVC doors are arguably the most popular choice among homeowners, often because they can be selected to match uPVC windows and create a single, uniform look for the home. Some of the key benefits of uPVC doors include: 

Low maintenance

Unlike traditional timber doors which require regular treatment to keep them looking good as well as secure, uPVC doors require little more than a regular clean with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to keep them looking fresh and new for years. 


uPVC doors are built to a multi-chambered design, which makes them incredibly robust and therefore hard to force entry through. Add to this secured by design multi-point locking mechanisms and uPVC front doors are the clear choice for the security conscious. 

Composite Doors 

Composite doors are growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. There are so many customisation options available, enabling you to create the perfect look for your home. Some other benefits of composite doors include: 

Unrivalled strength

Composite doors are manufactured from several materials glued together under extreme pressure. This process makes them incredibly strong and difficult to break. Combined with advanced locking mechanisms, this makes a composite door almost impossible to break into. 

Low maintenance 

Like uPVC, composite doors are extremely low maintenance. With a glass reinforced plastic finish, they are well protected from the elements and require nothing more than a wipe down with warm, soapy water to keep them looking great for years to come. 

Aluminium Doors 

Aluminium doors are a fantastic option if you already have aluminium windows in place. Aluminium doors can be fully customised to complement the existing windows and the appearance of your property. As well as looking stylish, aluminium doors offer additional benefits, including: 

Increased security 

Like all modern doors, aluminium doors are incredibly robust and come with the latest locking mechanisms, so you have the peace of mind that they will keep unwanted visitors from entering your home. 

Improved thermal efficiency 

In previous years, aluminium doors were given a bad rap when it comes to energy efficiency. However, recent developments and technological advancements mean you can install an aluminium front door and still save money on your energy bills. On the hunt for a new front door in the Bognor Regis or surrounding areas? Speak to our team here at Barnham Windows, able to supply and install a wide range of door options. Get a free online door quote.

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