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Does a Solid Conservatory Roof Make a Difference?

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A common issue homeowners face when it comes to their conservatory is that it can have the tendency to be pretty uninhabitable in the winter months – this needn’t be the case though. In terms of conservatory roofs, this is one area that can be looked over but can make a big difference. 

More and more homeowners are scrapping their old glazed conservatory roof and replacing it with a solid tiled roof – but why? 

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the benefits of a solid conservatory roof and why it is a worthwhile investment. 

Benefits of a solid conservatory roof

Retains heat 

In the same way, heat escapes from the top of your head, it can escape from the roof of your conservatory. Therefore, a solid tiled roof can help to insulate your conservatory and keep it at a more comfortable temperature. So you can enjoy your conservatory all year round – no matter the weather. You can also save money on your energy bills. 

Increases your home’s value 

When it comes to selling your property, a conservatory with a solid roof will undoubtedly make your home more desirable to potential buyers and sell at a higher price. While replacing your conservatory can be costly initially, the value that it will add to your property makes it a worthwhile investment. 

Transforms your conservatory 

A tiled roof will completely transform the look of your conservatory taking it from a conventional conservatory to more of an extension that will seamlessly blend in with the aesthetic of your home. The flexibility in its design means you can customise your conservatory to best suit your property.

Are solid conservatory roofs worth it? 

The list of benefits of a solid conservatory roof goes on and on. Not only will your conservatory be more usable throughout the year whilst saving you money on your energy bills but it will create a space that is more aesthetically pleasing.  

Despite its higher price tag, when you take into consideration what you get in return, a solid conservatory roof is definitely worth investing in. 

Choose a solid conservatory roof from Barnham Windows 

When investing in a new conservatory roof, it is important to not compromise on quality.

At Barnham Windows, we only supply industry-leading Supalite solid roofs. Our Supalite roofs have undergone years of research and design and have been extensively tested to provide your conservatory with a roof that never fails. With a Supalite roof, you can transform your conservatory into an all- year-round living space. 

If you’re looking to replace your conservatory roof with a Supalite solid roof, get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your options. Or, book an appointment today. 

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