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Why Bi-Fold Doors are the Perfect Summer Door

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The Summer is finally here and now, more than ever, we’re looking to get outside and enjoy our gardens.

Patio doors provide our homes with a bright and airy feel and serve to merge the inside with the outside. On hot days, they can be left open to blend the home with the garden, and allow pets and children to wander in and out at will. 

But if you really want to open up your home, there really is no comparison to bi-fold doors

What are bi-fold doors? 

Unlike traditional sliding doors or French doors, bi-fold doors fold in on themselves like an accordion. This opens up the entire doorway and seamlessly merges the indoors with your outdoor area. 

Keeping cool

By creating a wider opening to your home, bi-fold doors allow more cool air to enter your home. This also allows warm air to escape, thereby better regulating the temperature inside your home. They can also be fitted with solar controlled double glazing which, when the doors are closed, reflects the heat while allowing the light to enter the home. 

Creating space 

If you have a patio or decking and you like to entertain, bi-fold doors will open up the space between your dining room or lounge and your outdoor living space, creating a much wider space for you and your guests. 

Bringing the outside in 

As mentioned earlier, bi-fold doors can be left open on the hot summer days to allow children and pets to be able to move between the home and garden easily. It also opens up the garden for you to enjoy from the comfort of the indoors.

So on those long summer evenings, you can curl up inside and enjoy the view of your well-tended garden from the comfort of your favourite easy chair. 

Keeping warm in the winter 

Of course, the benefits of bi-fold doors don’t simply end with the summer. With excellent insulation properties, your bifold doors will help keep your home toasty in the winter. Allowing more light, and therefore heat, into your home and then trapping the heat inside, will help to reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint. 

There are lots of reasons to choose bi-fold doors for your home. If you are looking to add a Bifold Door to your home in Bognor Regis, speak to us today to find out more about the options available.

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