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Most Popular Windows & Doors Colours in UK

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Windows and doors are a key part of any home. They can make an entire space feel more inviting, stylish and characteristic. For centuries homeowners have been using paint to give their windows and doors colour. But now there is a new trend emerging in the UK: coloured window and door frames! There are so many different colours available that it’s possible to find something that suits your taste perfectly. Have  a look at some of the most popular colours chosen by British homeowners and get inspired.


Grey windows and doors are very popular due to their modern look and feel. Modern homes have been trending lately, so if that’s the style of your home then grey is the perfect choice. In addition, most installers  allow homeowners to select from an array of shades and finishes including wood grain or matte and ranging from subtle pale hues like Agate Grey all the way to deep, dark Anthracite.  

Pale green

Light green windows and doors are popular because of the classic country style vibe that they give off. This colour is a very calming colour, one that can help to create a sense of serenity for those who enter your home or work space. If you’re looking for something more unique than basic white or black, this colour is a wonderful option! 


While the vast majority of window and door manufacturers offer a variety of colours, black remains popular due to its elegant and traditional look. Black is also an excellent option if you have a Victorian-style home or want to highlight architectural features such as archways and columns


White windows and doors are a popular choice because they’re the most  traditional. They have been around for centuries, but it’s not just their history that people love – white is clean, crisp and brightening to any room. 

After walking you through the most popular window and door options, we hope you got plenty of inspiration to upgrade your doors and windows! Choosing the right colour for your windows and doors takes time, but it is worth doing. We hope that our post has helped you choose a colour that suits your needs or at least given you some ideas to get started with! If not, we’re here to help. Give us a call today and we will be happy to answer any questions about choosing a window and door colour for your home.

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